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The location of Prestige Sanctuary is an exceptional place situated in North Bangalore where people would have a highly relaxing experience. This real estate property makes you capable of fulfilling all of your extreme desires in the most significant and subtle environment of sanctuary. Prestige Sanctuary is established in another type of calm and peace that each craves.

The Prestige Group which is a primary real estate developer has developed ultra-modern and highly elegant apartment furnishings. This real estate building is dispersed throughout a more comprehensive piece of land. Prestige Sanctuary in Nandi Hills Bengaluru abodes is enough for accommodating 2 BHK and 3 BHK residences and villas with adequate parking and grass areas.

Bengaluru is a modern city that facilitates a plethora of regions. People along with their family and friends usually come here for a massive array of reasons. Consequently, this village is expanding exponentially throughout all of the fields. There is a wide range of organizations and firms that are looking to open their offices inside the lawn town.

The address of Prestige Sanctuary is one of the most sought-after destinations in North Bangalore. The residential units available on this property are entirely upgraded with a highly sophisticated substance of services. Prestige Sanctuary is considered as the first time flats that have been improved for having commendable services when it comes to residential facilities.

The gardens at Prestige Sanctuary in the city of Bangalore have been planned and landscaped very carefully. the secluded clubhouse and the extensive walking track boast a plethora of interior activities. These will serve the locals a lively and entertaining time inside the structure. The Nandi Hills, the Pre-launch Luxury Sanctuary serves us with an idea of how we might desire to organize this valuable area.

It serves with a picture of the length of plot devices that might be suitable for us. The luxury apartments completed at this premise will be shown after release. If we come across an incredible builder inside, then we will make its use in our purchasing method. The Location Map of Prestige Sanctuary is a map that can be used by any person who is desired of finding out the exact location.

The Prestige Group has built the Prestige Sanctuary ultra-luxury residential villa project as pre-launch. This enclave is scattered across an area of 25 acres of land as Prestige Sanctuary, Nandi Hills. In this residential development, the 75 ultra-luxury villas will be fully-equipped with an abundant amount of open space. There is an anticipation that this ultra-luxury villa will be costing at least Rs. 3 crores.

Currently, Bangalore is a prominent location for several business industries and jobs. Even though it is majorly renowned as an IT metropolis in India, this city is expanding very rapidly in all areas because of constant population growth. Bangalore, today has become the home to myriad prestigious IT enterprises and businesses.

The residents of Bangalore embrace each new arrival with open arms, the freedom to mend, and pleasant weather whichever is best suitable for them. The Prestige Sanctuary is going to strengthen the most impressive part of the Prestige Group in Nandi Hills. There is no doubt that real estate purchasers will find the Prestige Sanctuary the most appropriate address. It is located in the most ideal area for residing in the proximity to a plethora of services.

The most expensive and abundant Prestige Sanctuary in Nandi Hills will serve the fantastic housing. This ultra-luxury residential villa of this premise will be well-furnished with each conceivable luxury. In addition to this, Prestige Sanctuary facilitates lush landscapes and beautiful vistas all around.

The Prestige Sanctuary situated in Nandi Hills is a mega development of ultra-luxury villas that are completely equipped with top-notch amenities, for instance, a community hall, clubhouse, dance area, astronomy park, kid's pool, swimming pool, sky observatory, gym, library, lego lounge, activity station, comics library, cricket field, convention center, board games playroom, tennis court, pro shop, luxury spa, kids play zone, convenience store, 24/7 power backup, squash court, wellness zone, and cafeteria.

The ultra-luxurious Prestige Sanctuary Villas in Nandi Hills is situated in a prime location for real estate property investment in the city of Bangalore which is in proximity to a plethora of amenities such as supermarkets, hospitals, wellness areas, recreational areas, parks, convenience stores, and many other amenities.

Nandi Hills

The city of Bangalore as an IT city in India is completely equipped with maximum professional thoughts and opportunities. Bangalore is regularly witnessing a population explosion. People from several parts flee to Bangalore for achieving their dreams of making their careers and owning their dream homes. Thomesnstant influx in population has elevated the demand for abodes. This in turn has instigated a plethora of real estate developers to come up with new residential alternatives.

Prestige Sanctuary in the vicinity of Nandi Hills is an ultra-luxury residential villa venture that is well-versed with world-class amenities, for instance, community hall, clubhouse, dance area, astronomy park, kid's pool, swimming pool, library, gym, sky observatory, cricket pitch, activity station, lego lounge, board games playroom, pro shop, luxury spa, tennis court, convention center, convenience store, wellness zone, restaurants, kids play zone, squash court, membership residence, cafeteria, 24/7 power backup, gated network, rainwater harvesting system, meditation corridor, intercom, security personnel, and many others.

The location of Prestige Sanctuary ultra-luxurious villas in Nandi Hills is perfect to opt for investing in real estate property in the city of Bangalore with a plethora of facilities, for instance, wellness zone, supermarkets, hospitals, recreational regions, convenience stores, parks, and many other facilities in the proximity to Nandi Hills. Nandi Hills in the past few decades has witnessed a massive boom in the prices of property because of its proximity to Bangalore International Airport, easy access to commercial centers, IT hubs, and Devanahalli.

This backdrop is home to a plethora of residential and commercial hubs and Prestige Sanctuary is a location that is situated in one of the fastest developing areas of Nandi Hills that boasts of commendable connectivity to several major parts of the city of Bangalore and along with this, it is well-versed with a massive array of well-established infrastructural scaffolding.

There are myriad projects, for instance, Special Economic Zones, Information Technology enabled services & Biotechnology, AeroSpace Park, Aero Space, Devanahalli Business Park, Arrotropolis-Airport City, etc. are being proposed in the nearby locality that will boost the status of this region. Internationally famed hotel chains such as Taj Airport Hotel, Hyatt Residency, Oberoi, and many others are going to be established in Devanahalli.

Furthermore, this location is well-versed with some commendable connectivity links to the main city that in turn makes your living more opportune and appropriate. Prestige Sanctuary is situated at a mere distance of a 45-minute drive from the main city of Bangalore. Apart from this, the Prestige Sanctuary out-of-the-box luxury villa project is located only a 15-minute drive from the Bangalore International Airport. Thus, Prestige Sanctuary in Nandi Hills will be the best suitable ever for an over-the-top living experience.

Prestige Sanctuary is consisting trouble-free travel alternatives through NH-7 and elevated expressways. In addition to this, the region is developing in the form of a worthiest location for the real estate market. There are a plethora of major residential and commercial projects that are planned for being established in Devanahalli that will in turn add to the development of this location and will transform it into a profitable area of Bangalore.

Prestige Sanctuary ultra-luxury villa project in Nandi Hills is situated in proximity to several majorly renowned educational institutions such as Gnana Deepa Academy. Yelahanka Railway Station is situated at a distance of 30.2 kilometers away from this residential villa project.

Kempegowda Bus Station is the nearest bus station to Prestige Sanctuary which is only 4.5 kilometers away from this premise. Vidhana Soudha on Nandi Hills State Highway is situated at a distance of only 39 kilometers from this ultra-luxury residential villa project. Prestige Sanctuary is situated at a distance of only 6 kilometers from NH7.

There are some exceptional connectivity links in this location to the main city that in turn makes your living experience much more comfortable. The main highway, railways, airports, and all the other transportation links are present at a very convenient distance. The neighborhood of the Prestige Sanctuary ultra-luxury villa project in Nandi Hills will be surrounded by reputed hospitals, colleges, schools, fuel stations, banks, supermarkets, and many other best civic and physical infrastructural frameworks


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